Artist Statement

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  • Creating art is akin to breathing for me. It is constant and essential.My paintings evolve as a rhythm, a ritual in a dance of color, texturesand lines that capture and transform my normal flow of time. I draw my inspiration from the diversity within my Caribbean heritage and exploring the point where cultures meet and shifts occur.

    In A Living Ritual series, my artwork highlights the “In Between” – an experience of transition, an embodiment of fluidity. I create art that ignites cultural curiosity helping people to resonate and explore the richness of inter-connectedness. In my art I capture the energy of ritual, the bold alive vibrancy of festival. While pushing the line between photography and the fluidity of paint my images blur our familiar visual reality. The subjects explore the experience of being “here and there” at the same time. My artwork highlights the interplay within transitions of hybrid space and hybrid self and speaks to facing transitions with grace.